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Aged Canadian Premium Cheddar


The Aging Process Explained

All Balderson Cheddars are naturally aged.

The process begins with the very finest dairy ingredients, the skilled eye and the palate of a        master craftsman and years of careful aging and nurturing.

All cheddars begin mild.  And if it isn't perfect at this stage, no amount of aging will improve its   flavour. 

As months pass, mild cheddar begins to lose moisture, and its texture becomes drier and more crumbly.  Most importantly it begins to take on a secondary flavour, a signature sharpness that    results from the increased levels of salt and acids that naturally accompany aging.

A cheddar's 'bite' becomes noticable at 12 months, and at 18 months the sharp taste becomes overtakes the original mild flavour - this is just the beginning.

Royal Canadian premium aged cheddar begins at 2 years of aging and becomes      increasingly sharper, saltier and dramatically more crumbly in texture.                                 




























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