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Rejean's Tips - How to keep and serve your Royal Canadian at its best.

Leave cheddar in its original packaging and  tightly cover plastic wrap. This reduces air circulation, which in turn reduces the possibility of mould.  Remember your Royal Canadian cheddar has already been alive for at least two years so it can last if cared for.

Store cheddar in the coldest part of your refrigerator - not on the door

Cheese is often served at the end of a meal because it has a tendency to neutralize    stomach acids which aids digestion. 

Cheddar cheese is remarkably versatile.  It can be grated, shredded, crumbled,               melted, sliced, cubed, broiled, baked, deep fried, whipped, blended, made into a sauce,         well etc. etc. etc.!

When grating and heating, use as fine a grater as possible, or a micro cheese plane, to ensure even melting without overheating. 




























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